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Our Focus

The exciting prospect of an artificial pancreas and its accompanying benefits in enriching the lives of kids with diabetes – in a matter of a few years rather than decades – in our opinion qualify this effort as an urgent initiative. Our goal is to channel funds to the JDRF sponsored artificial pancreas research, which has embraced this initiative as one of its top priorities. JDRF’s leadership in funding diabetes research has led to many remarkable developments – although its goal remains the finding of a cure.

our Mission

One key component of the artificial pancreas – the insulin infusion pump – is already on the market. Unfortunately, children whose families cannot afford this expensive technology (pumps cost as much as $5,000 and monthly supplies can cost $200 - $300) are being deprived of the chance to live healthier and longer lives.

Initially focused on the Kansas City and Johnson County region, we will seek to provide insulin pumps to young kids with diabetes whose families are unable to afford them on their own. When the reliability of continuous glucose monitors improves – most likely within two years – our plan would be to furnish these as well to needy kids. As our resources grow, we plan to expand our efforts across the country.





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