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Dear Prospective Donor:

One of life’s great mysteries is why a provident and loving Creator allows innocent young children to suffer pain and disease. When one of your own is such a victim – my six year-old daughter Hanna has Type 1 diabetes – reconciling yourself to this mystery can be particularly faith testing. My belief is that, although juvenile diabetes remains tragic, its existence can serve a profound purpose. In my case, Hanna’s diabetes has yielded some important personal epiphanies. It has reminded me of the fragility of life, and the need to savor the preciousness of every moment with the ones we love. It has helped me better appreciate the many blessings I previously ignored. It has motivated me to try to help other diabetic children and their families avoid the hardships Hanna has endured.

Galvanized by the passion to find meaning in her plight by helping young kids cope better with diabetes, Hanna’s Dream for a Cure was founded.

Our mission is two-fold: (1) funding promising diabetes research with an emphasis on artificial pancreas development and (2) helping financially disadvantaged children afford new and very effective technologies that are beyond their means. Insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (“CGM’s”) have been found to significantly reduce the complications from diabetes. With price tags in excess of $5,000, they are too expensive for many families, either because they lack health insurance or because coverage is not provided at all.

With your generosity, together we can build a bridge to a brighter future for kids with diabetes. You can help contribute to the reality of an artificial pancreas. Your financial support can ensure that young children with diabetes with limited financial means are not denied access to powerful new technologies. You can help Hanna and kids like her achieve their dream for a cure.



Robert B. Jones, Founder






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